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Unlimited Potential (UP)

Phone: (414) 290-0440  Fax: (414) 226-0351

Unlimited Potential (UP) provides comprehensive, accessible and affordable services to clients in need of substance abuse and mental health treatment. Many persons access services while they are working towards family reunification and/or resolution of criminal matters.

What is Untlimited Potential (UP)?

  • UP helps people in Milwaukee overcome adversity by providing mental health and substance use counseling services.
  • Our highly trained staff members have years of experience helping people to successfully work through their substance abuse, depression, anxiety, trauma and criminal justice system-related issues. Everyone on staff is dually-licensed to treat both substance use and mental health concerns. 
  • At UP, we build on client strengths to help create a culture of respect, safety, problem-solving and accountability. 

How can I see if I'm eligible?

  • If you are interested in counseling services through UP, we accept referrals from federal and some state probation offices and also accept clients with non-HMO Badgercare state insurance (AKA straight Title 19).
  • CONTACT US to see if you are eligible for an assessment!