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Milwaukee Youth Services

Phone: (414) 383-5966
Fax: (414) 383-8152

WCS provides crucial youth programs in Milwaukee County.  These include:

Milwaukee County Programs

 Alternative Sanction Program
provides a community-based alternative to detention sanctions for youth who violate the conditions of their probation.
For six to eight weeks, youth take part in programming geared towards the development of skills/competencies that improve decision-making relative to the behaviors that contributed to violations.

 Evening Reporting Center - provides safe supervision and activities for youth who are awaiting disposition of their case or their court authorized release from the program.

 Community Service & Restitution Coordination Program - provides a community-based alternative to complete community service and restitution for youth served by DCSD.

Milwaukee Public Schools Program

 The Elevate Initiative - provides Cognitive Behavior Therapy, AODA education, AODA counseling, and Life Skills for students who have been expelled who need to satisfy certain conditions relating to the reason for expulsion to make them eligible for early readmission.






Email Nichole Yunk ToddDivision Administrator of Milwaukee Youth Services
or call her at (414) 343-3581