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Holly Patzer Interviewed on WPR!

Under a budget provision recently approved by Wisconsin's Joint Finance Committee, private bail bondsmen would be allowed in five southern counties. WCS Executive Director Holly Patzer spoke with Wisconsin Public Radio's Joy Cardin on June 11, 2013 to discuss the issue. 

             To hear the interview on your computer's media player,

                    1.  CLICK HERE for the WPR website page.

                    2.  SCROLL DOWN to find "Bail Bondsmen Poised to Return to Wisconsin"
                        (Tuesday, 6/11/2013, 6:00 AM, 130611A)

                    3.  CLICK ON the play arrow 

             The segment with Holly begins at about the 24.08 minute mark.

The program's first guest, Eric Granoff, President of Corporate Communications for AIA Surety, and the Chief Marketing Officer for ExpertBail, defends the practice.  

Holly's interview follows.  She says bounty hunters are a public safety risk and that Wisconsin was right when it outlawed the system in 1979.