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WCS Creates Black Male Advisory Council (BMAC)


Milwaukee is known to be the most segregated city in the United States with the largest disparities in the incarceration of Black males. With this reality in mind, WCS recently created the Black Male Advisory Council (BMAC). The BMAC provides African American men, employed by WCS, an opportunity to convene on a regular basis, establish a vision, and discuss ways that they can strengthen and add value for themselves, their communities, and for WCS. Participation is voluntary, but all African American male staff members who are interested in joining are welcome.

Given the mission of WCS and the clientele that the agency serves, the BMAC strives to examine ways that WCS can increase and strengthen efforts to improve the life prospects and opportunities for boys and men of color.  The BMAC is part of the commitment from WCS to continue overall agency efforts to advance and create opportunities for boys of men and color in the community.