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Community Based Mental Health Programs

3734 West Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53208
Phone: (414) 344-6111
Fax: (414) 344-2191

WCS Community Support Program (CSP) - Email 
WCS Targeted Case Management Program (TCM) - Email 

The WCS Community Based Mental Health Programs work with individuals that require either a Community Support Program (CSP) or Targeted Case Management (TCM) level of care.  The participants find themselves becoming a part of a community as they work with case managers and peers that understand their needs and work together to achieve the goals of each individual.  Recovering with a mental illness often brings many challenges and our community based programs have been doing this since 1978.

Assertive Community Treatment

Community Support Program (CSP)
The Community Support Program (CSP) provides coordinated care and a range of treatment, rehabilitation and support services for individuals living in the community with severe and persistent mental illness with possible challenges related to abusing alcohol and other drugs. CSP provides services utilizing the evidence-based practice, Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) and Tools for Measurement of Assertive Community treatment (TMACT).  Using the ACT model, a multidisciplinary intensive team-based approach provides participants services that are long-term, but with the ability to transition.  These services include stage-wise interventions based on the participant’s wants and needs, including individual and group therapy along with other interventions to promote health.  These services include:

• Advocacy
• Assessment
• Benefit assistance
• Psychiatry
• Nursing
• Case management/care coordination
• Supportive groups
• Medication assistance
• Money management
• On-site Pharmacy
• Social support network

To be eligible for participation in the Assertive Community Treatment program, a consumer must:

• Be 18 or older
• Have a severe mental illness such as schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder or major depression
• Have experienced difficulties in the last six months with housing, employment, medication management, legal issues, money management, or a worsening of symptoms that required emergency intervention or hospitalization

Community Case Management

Targeted Case Management (TCM)
The Targeted Case Management Program (TCM) program assesses individual’s needs by working together with the individual to create a treatment plan.  This assessment can include physical, psychological and social environment needs with the goal of facilitating personal health, community involvement, and empowerment while supporting the individual’s recovery. Some of the services provided through the TCM include:

• Advocacy
• Assessment
• Benefit Assistance
• Psychiatry
• Individual Service Plan development
• Care coordination
• Crisis assistance planning
• Medication Assistance
• Money Management
• On-site Pharmacy
• Social Support Network


WCS Community Based Mental Health Programs Brochure