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Community Based Recovery Support Programs

WIser Choice Programming

3732 West Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 310
Milwaukee, WI 53208
Phone: (414) 343-3569
Fax: (414) 343-3598

Hours:  8:30am – 4:30pm  Monday - Friday

WCS is a provider of Wisconsin Supports Everyone´s Recovery Choice (WIser Choice) services.  This programming provides individuals that need drug and alcohol treatment vouchers to pay for a range of appropriate community-based services.  The Wiser Choice programming serves individuals that reside in Milwaukee County, are at least 18 years old, and do not have insurance.  These strength based services are person centered with a team approach that is outcome oriented.  The WCS programs included in this area are Access Point (AP) and the Recovery Support Coordination Unit (RSC).

Access Point

WCS operates an Access Point unit that will screen individuals to help determine the AODA needs as well as the options available to best meet these needs.  This program gives individuals the opportunity to not only deal substance use concerns, but also access to many other supportive services.  The WCS Access Point unit is mobile.  The Access Point screener can see individuals at the WCS office or we will travel to homes, correctional institutions, Department of Correction’s offices, and other locations that will meet the individual’s needs.

Recovery Support Coordination

The Recovery Support Coordination (RSC) Program provides Care Coordination services for adults with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health and substance abuse needs. With the support of a team, individuals create a Recovery Plan. We also provide Recovery Support Coordination services for a specialized group, Family Drug Treatment Court.  Individuals interested in this program must be screened through Access Point, which can be done at the same location as our RSC program. Through the RSC program an individual will also have access to supportive services for employment, housing, transportation, medical treatment, and more.

WIser Choice Programming Brochure

Comprehensive Community Services (CCS)

3732 W. Wiconssin Avenue, Suite 330
Milwaukee, WI  53208

Phone: (414) 343-3526

Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) is a recovery-focused, integrated behavioral health program for adults with severe mental illness and/or substance use disorders.  CCS provides a coordinated and comprehensive array of recovery services, treatment, and psychosocial rehabilitation services that assist individuals to utilize professional, community, and natural supports to address their needs. CCS is a community-based program.  The program is person-centered and uses client-directed service plans to describe the individualized services that will support the client to attain their recovery goals. Services are provided by teams of professionals, peer specialists, and natural supports, all coordinated by a CCS service facilitator.  Services include:

• Screening and assessment

• Services planning

• Services facilitation

• Medication management – non prescriber

• Physical health monitoring

• Individual skills development and enhancement

• Individual and family psycho-education

• Wellness management and recovery support services

• Psychotherapy

• Substance abuse treatment

CCS is a voluntary Medicaid program designed with the intention to help individuals coping with mental health, emotional disturbances and /or substance use disorders recover from their conditions and attain the lives that they desire. Every individual who participates in CCS works with a care coordinator to design a recovery plan that is intended to help build the skills needed to improve health, promote wellness, attain personal goals and enhance overall quality of life.

Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) Program Brochure