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Outpatient Mental Health Clinic

3734 West Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53208

Phone: (414) 344-6111  Fax: (414) 344-2191
Monday-Friday  8am-4pm

The WCS Outpatient Mental Health Clinic provides mental health treatment and ancillary services such as medication monitoring, housing assistance, benefit acquisition and an on-site pharmacy for patients with severe and persistent mental illness.

The Outpatient Mental Health Clinic runs three distinct programs:

  • Community Support Program (CSP)

The CSP provides Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) to clients with co-occurring severe and persistent mental health and substance use disorders.  ACT is an intensive team-based approach for community mental health services delivery. Clients are referred by the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division and can be seen in the home or at the clinic up to seven days a week. 

Research shows that when using the ACT treatment models, clients experience a higher quality of life and a decrease in inpatient hospitalization (medical/psychiatric) as well as a decrease in incarceration.

In order to provide ACT treatment successfully, WCS provides:

  ♦  Multidisciplinary team (a team of professionals with varied skills and backgrounds)
  ♦  Time-unlimited services
  ♦  Stage-wise interventions (treatment based on client needs and wants)
  ♦  Dual Diagnosis (recovery services for clients diagnosed with both mental health and substance use disorders)
  ♦  Individual group therapy
  ♦  Interventions to promote health among an array of other services

  • Targeted Case Management Program (TCM)

The TCM program provides on-going case management for persons with severe and persistent mental illness.  TCM aims to reduce periods of institutionalization for persons who can benefit from a community based treatment alternative.  The program addresses the individual’s physical, psychological and social environment with the goal of facilitating personal health, community participation, empowerment and supporting recovery.

In our TCM Program, Case Managers visit individuals in their homes once or twice a week to monitor and provide service coordination for their mental health, AODA and daily living needs. Clients are referred to the program by the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division.  Some clients may need closer observation and come to the clinic three to four days a week for close monitoring of their symptoms and the taking of their medication.  Case managers also provide service coordination and general support for the clients' mental health, AODA and daily living needs.  Clients are referred to the program by the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division and others in the community such as probation officers, institutions, family members and the clients themselves (self-referrals).


  • Comprehensive Community Services (CCS)

CCS is a recovery-focused, integrated behavioral health program for adults with severe mental illness and/or substance use disorders.  CCS provides a coordinated and comprehensive array of recovery services, treatment, and psychosocial rehabilitation services that assist individuals to utilize professional, community, and natural supports to address their needs. CCS is a community-based program.  The program is person-centered and uses client-directed service plans to describe the individualized services that will support the client to attain their recovery goals. Services are provided by teams of professionals, peer specialists, and natural supports, all coordinated by a CCS service facilitator.

CCS is a voluntary Medicaid program designed with the intention to help individuals coping with mental health, emotional disturbances and /or substance use disorders recover from their conditions and attain the lives that they desire. Every individual who participates in CCS works with a care coordinator to design a recovery plan that is intended to help build the skills needed to improve health, promote wellness, attain personal goals and enhance overall quality of life.

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