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Reentry Programming

3732 West Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 310
Milwaukee, WI 53208
Phone: (414) 343-3569
Fax: (414) 343-3598

Hours:  8:30am – 4:30pm  Monday - Friday

Prisoner Reintegration Program (PRP)

The WCS Prisoner Reintegration Program provides pre- and post-release services for individuals returning to the City of Milwaukee after a period of confinement in the Milwaukee County House of Corrections. 

Before release, The WCS Prisoner Reintegration Liaison will work with individuals who are medium to high risk and motivated to engage and participate in the program in order to identify their needs and develop an effective release plan.  Upon release, participants meet with their assigned Mentor on a weekly basis to ensure that the participant's post-release needs are being addressed.  Whenever possible, participants are connected with services that are available in the community and Wiser Choice Network.  Services may include:

•  Referrals for alcohol and drug treatment

•  Referrals for educational service

•  Referrals for housing services as available

•  Referrals for mental health treatment

•  Referrals to employment programs

•  Transportation for appointments

Prisoner Reintegration Program (PRP) Brochure