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Court Services and Community Alternatives

The WCS Court Services Division helps individuals fulfill their legal obligations and provides the opportunity for them to make life changes.  Through connecting people to community resources and holding them accountable, the Court Services and Community Alternatives Division offers the opportunity for men and women to put an end to circulating through the criminal justice system and wasting years of their lives.

WCS provides the community with a huge savings – when individuals can be part of a Court Services program, receiving treatment and services rather than sitting in a jail cell, the savings are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and the individual is better equipped to leave their old life behind and start in a new direction – becoming a tax-paying citizen instead of contributing to public costs.  This division also serves youth deeply involved in juvenile corrections.  Intensive programming allows  youth to stay at home, avoiding costly juvenile corrections placements and learning to make the necessary behavior change choices within their home setting. 

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For more information about WCS Court Services, contact Sara Carpenter at (414) 290-0405 or by email