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Electronic Monitoring Unit - GPS, SCRAM and Remote Breath

3732 W. Wisconsin Avenue, Room 320
Milwaukee, WI  53208

8:00am - 5:00pm (Monday - Friday)

Mike Balda, Director of the Electronic Monitoring Unit:  
Phone: (414) 759-5387
Fax: (414) 431-0242



PREMIER PROVIDER OF 24/7/365 Electronic Monitoring

 ♦  WCS has its own in-house, on duty, 24-7-365 Electronic Monitoring Center. 
     All monitoring activity is constantly monitored at the Center by awake staff. 
     Staff are available to troubleshoot and report any violations within 15 minutes
     of the event.

 ♦  WCS is an Authorized Provider for SCRAM Systems Technology
     (Continuous Alcohol Monitoring, Remote Breath, and GPS) in the following         
     Wisconsin Counties:  Milwaukee, Waukesha, Kenosha, Sheboygan, Jefferson,
     Ozaukee, and Manitowoc. 



  • SCRAM One-Piece GPS®

​This is the most flexible and robust device on the market. Its simplified design features four different state-of-the-art safeguards to keep the public safe from offender tampering.



WCS is available to offer services to new entities interested in developing a Continuous Alcohol Monitoring Program; such as family court, repeat drunk drivers, child protective or family services, post conviction alcohol offenders.


WCS is the largest distributor of the SCRAM CAM® bracelet in southeastern Wisconsin. SCRAM CAM®. The device monitors alcohol consumption around the clock, testing insensible perspiration through the skin via an ankle bracelet.

  • SCRAM Remote Breath® 

​Scram Remote Breath® is a one-piece, handheld, cellular alcohol
tester with GPS Location Monitoring.

WCS Electronic Monitoring Services Information Sheet


Milwaukee EMU Outcomes

•  From 2013-2016, 721 inmates were placed on electronic monitoring –SCRAM CAM® through
   the Milwaukee House of Corrections. Of the total, 94% successfully completed their period
   of monitoring.

•  Through December 2016,  2,326 inmates were placed on electronic monitoring – GPS OR
   SCRAM CAM® through the House of Corrections. Of this total, 99.7% successfully
   completed their period of monitoring.