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Milwaukee Youth Services

Phone: (414) 383-5966
Fax: (414) 383-8152

WCS provides crucial youth programs in Milwaukee County.  These include:

WCS Youth Shelter Care

Bahiya House and Rashid House - provide short-term (typically about 30 days), non-secure, supervised residential programming for youth.

Project Excel 

 Community Service & Restitution Coordination Program - provides a community-based alternative to complete community service and restitution for youth served by DCSD.


Project Excel Pledge


We at Project Excel pledge to show leadership by…
Being respectful to other youth, staff, and self;
Also by being responsible for ourselves and each other as a team.
We at Project Excel pledge that we shall grow in knowledge by...
Gaining knowledge from peers and staff; and
Pushing to the top and never giving up.
It’s our future, our choice!

We at Project Excel pledge that we shall…
Achieve our goals with a positive attitude; and
Strive for greatness every day.






Email Nichole Yunk ToddDivision Administrator of Milwaukee Youth Services
or call her at (414) 343-3581