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Alternative Sanction Program

Phone: (414) 383-5966
Fax: (414) 383-8152

The target population for the Project Excel Alternative Sanction Program is youth who are referred by their probation officer or ordered by a judge to participate in the program as a response to violating the conditions of their dispositional (probation) order. 

The Alternative Sanction Program provides a community-based alternative to detention for sanctions placement for youth who violate the conditions of their probation.  The program, which provides 30 hours of therapeutic intervention, provides a timely response that holds youth accountable relative to their violations and engages them in positive and constructive programming. The report center features structured activities based upon best practices and evidence-based curriculums. 

The goals of this program are:
          1. Provide a timely community-based alternative to sanctions in detention.
          2. Hold youth accountable for violations of the conditions of their dispositional order.
          3. Assist youth in restoring and maintaining compliance with the conditions of their
              dispositional order.

          4. Target interventions to address the nature of youth’s violations and build skills and
              competencies for improved decision-making relative to behavior leading to violations.

          5. Expose youth to community-based services and positive programming with the potential
              to lead to continuing involvement beyond their sanction and/or probation involvement.


 Case Management - including
     progress reports for court and human
     service workers


► Intensive Group Therapy - youth are placed
     in one of the following intensive therapeutic

      Thinking for a Change (T4C)
       - provides a cognitive self-change process,
         problem solving
 skills, and social skills

      Aggression Replacement Training (ART)
provides moral reasoning, anger
         management techniques, and 
social skills

► Family Involvement Days -  families and caregivers have the opportunity to learn about their
     youth’s process in the program|

► Transportation - youth are transported to and from the site

Program Brochure (printable)

The Alternative Sanction Program is part of Project Excel and is funded by 
Milwaukee County Department of Health & Human Services-Delinquency & Court Services Division.