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The Elevate Initiative

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The Elevate Initiative provides crucial programming to students from the Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) who have been expelled and need to satisfy certain conditions to make them eligible for early readmission.

Based on the recommendations of MPS and its Independent Hearing Officers, WCS enrolls youth in sessions such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, AODA education, AODA counseling, and Life Skills.  All services are designed to help students gain the skills needed to succeed in a traditional educational setting.  Professional staff will work with youth to build needed skills and provide supportive guidance.


  • WCS aims to provide expelled students with meaningful services that will help them become more successful in reaching their educational and life goals.
  • Students will develop an understanding of how their past choices have impeded their success and gain the skills and knowledge needed to make more positive choices in the future.
  • WCS will work with MPS to successfully transition students back to regular classes upon program completion. 

  The Elevate Initiative is part of Project Excel and is
  funded by
 the Milwaukee Public Schools.