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Peer Support Services

2620 W. North Ave.
Milwaukee, WI  53205

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Adult Comprehensive Community Care (CCS) Ancillary Support
CCS is a voluntary program offered by Milwaukee County for individuals who are in need of support to work through their recovery and reach their overall life goals. If someone chooses to participate in CCS, he or she will have the opportunity to work with a Care Coordinator and develop a team of people for additional support and guidance. Ancillary service professionals assist in making up these teams. Ancillary providers available at WCS include Certified Peer Specialists and Rehabilitation Workers. Both roles are dedicated to addressing the recovery needs of the individuals they serve.

Certified Peer Specialists who are providing ancillary services promote wellness, self-direction, and recovery by enhancing the skills and abilities of members to meet their chosen goals. The peer specialist services also support people enrolled in CCS negotiate the mental health and/or substance use disorder symptoms with dignity and with a knowledgeable advocate at their side. Certified Peer Specialists and people enrolled in CCS work as equals toward living in recovery.

Rehabilitation Workers collaborate with individuals enrolled in CCS to enhance individual skill development. This could include training in communication, improving social skills, problem solving, conflict resolution, and other specific needs identified in the service/recovery plan. Rehabilitation workers are also equipped to provide training as it relates to daily living skills, hygiene, household tasks, financial management, transportation, parenting, and accessing/connecting to community resources (including health care services). Skill development and training may be provided by various methods including but not limited to modeling, monitoring, mentoring, and/or overall assistance.

Community Linkages and Stabilization Program (CLASP)
CLASP is a community-based Peer Specialist program providing strength based and individualized services for people beginning the process of recovery from their mental health, substance use, or co-occurring needs. The purpose of the CLASP is to utilize the very powerful and valuable services of Peer Specialists to support engagement in the recovery process to reduce the likelihood of future crisis.  Utilizing their own lived experience and their successful recovery, Peer Specialists support people move forward in their journey to recovery.

Keys to Independence Permanent Supportive Housing Program
The Keys to Independence Permanent Supportive Housing provides homeless individuals with subsidized housing of their choice within Milwaukee County and provides supportive services needed to locate, maintain, and be successful in their own apartments.  The program also provides rental assistance funds to ensure the units are affordable.  This scattered site housing program adds the supportive services of Case Managers and Certified Peer Support Specialists for a comprehensive approach and to ensure stability and improved housing outcomes.

Office of Consumer Affairs (OCA)
OCA provides peer support services for individuals receiving services at the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division.  The team of Peer Specialists provide supportive services for individuals hospitalized on the inpatient units, observation unit, two stabilization houses, Froedtert Hospital emergency room /opioid overdose initiative, Access Clinic, and individuals recently discharged from the hospital.   The Peer Specialists are an integral part of the treatment team and strong advocates for the individuals they serve.

Certified Peer Specialists are individuals who have lived experience pf mental health, substance use, or co-occurring needs and are in recovery.  They utilize their lived experience to serve people beginning the process of recovery.  Peer Specialists receive comprehensive training and pass a pass a State of Wisconsin exam to become certified. Certified Peer Specialists are uniquely qualified to use their own lived experience to engage, support, and empathize with those who are in need.  They are highly skilled and trained in helping others to develop Crisis Plans, develop strategies to meet people‚Äôs recovery needs, and identifying triggers to prevent crisis. They provide resources, connect people to programs, and support the process of recovery.

Parent Peer Specialists
A Certified Parent Peer Specialist combines knowledge gained from parenting children and youth with social, emotional, behavioral, mental health and/or substance use needs and training to increase their skills to support other parents or those in a parenting role.  Parent Peer Specialists utilize their own unique lived experiences to support parent/caregivers, recognize their resiliency, provide resources relevant to their individualized needs, support during times of crisis, and support family directed services and care.

Youth Peer Support
At WCS, Certified Peer Specialists work alongside youth and young adults to develop the leadership skills, confidence, and life skills that will empower them to take ownership of their lives. Peer Specialists have lived experience with substance use and/or mental health recovery to assist, engage, and encourage youth and young adults to reach their life and recovery goals. Certified Peer Specialists work with youth and families to promote self-advocacy, self-harm/suicide prevention, mental health stigma elimination, and overall well-being. They receive training and pass a comprehensive exam to become certified and work with others who are just beginning the recovery process.

This programming is provided in partnership with Milwaukee County.