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Project Excel (PE)

1236 S. Layton Blvd.
Milwaukee, WI 53215

Phone: (414) 383-5966
Fax: (414) 383-8152

8am–4pm  Monday–Friday

Project Excel rejuvenates youth through effective and supportive programming empowering them to invest in their education, career goals, family and community.

Who We Serve
Project Excel serves youth ages 10 to 21 who are involved or at-risk of becoming involved in the criminal justice system and/or gangs. Project Excel also serves the families of all participating youth.


  • Reduce correctional placementsIncrease graduation rates

  • Reduce gang involvement|

  • Create positive connections

  • Develop positive leaders                 


  • Saturday Alternative Sanction Program provides a community-based alternative to detention sanctions for youth who violate the conditions of their probation. Every Saturday, for six to eight weeks, youth take part in programming geared towards the development of skills/competencies that improve decision-making relative to the behaviors that contributed to violations.

  • Evening Reporting Center - provides safe supervision and activities for youth who are awaiting disposition of their case or their court authorized release from the program.

  • Community Service & Restitution Coordination Program - provides a community-based alternative to complete community service and restitution for youth served by DCSD.

Counseling and Supplemental Services: 

► On-site anger management and AODA counseling utilizing evidenced based models.

► Individual, family, and group counseling utilizing  cognitive behavioral and motivational interviewing techniques - provided in-home, in the community, and on-site.

► Family Resource Center provides direct referrals to community services, on-site employment support, and guided monthly support groups.